Is IGNOU MBA specially dedicated to enhancing job skills?

Broad business understanding

As an MBA student at IGNOU, you will be exposed to the different business genre such as marketing, human resource, operations, finance, etc. As a result of extensive classes, you will have a better understanding of the big picture in the business world. In real life situations, this will empower you to have a better understanding of different departments and how each of them functions in a coordinated manner.

Effective communication skills

Developing excellent communication skill is a priority and cannot be compromised. It is essential to have the persuasive ability through verbal communication in order to build a better network, liaise with different people, inspire people and communicate your thoughts better to different people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Also, MBA graduates develop strong written communication skills, which is essential in the practical business situations.

Strategic problem solving

An IGNOU MBA can help you develop high-quality strategic skills. The MBA program is designed such that students become critical thinkers of issues that affect businesses in the global scale. The course work is designed such that students identify the problem, think strategically and then solve problems. This is a transferable skill set that will help students to navigate through the challenges of a career.

Networking skills

The IGNOU MBA program encourages students to interact and collaborate with peers in order to establish a thriving network that will help them with future opportunities. In most cases, a student will be able to leverage such opportunities long after they have graduated. Networking skill is a great ass in the business environment. It is a great talent to make valuable contacts, sustain relationships in the long term and use the contacts to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Copes well under pressure

Ability to cope under pressure is a skill that can be made of great use during the MBA program at IGNOU. The program offers a lot of challenges and exciting opportunities to learn. Then add to that time constraints, which takes the effort to a new height. Being level headed under demanding situations will help you make rational decisions.

Research and analytical skills

As IGNOU MBA students tackle case studies and data, they will develop a good amount of research and analytical skills. Independent ability in carrying out thorough research and ability to analyze and interpret data effectively will help them resolve different business problems.


IGNOU MBA students get plenty of opportunities to display their leadership skills. The hallmark of a good leader is the ability to motivate and inspire others.