The Job Opportunities After The Completion of an IGNOU MBA

The recent trend in the market is to accept a person, who has done his full-time MBA from IGNOU as compared to a person, who has done his MBA by the distance learning mode. Even though an MBA from IGNOU is recognized by the UGC or the Universities Grants Commission, you may still miss opportunities for the best positions, when you do an MBA by distance learning from IGNOU.

The scope of an IGNOU MBA

A candidate, who has done his MBA from IGNOU, stands a bright chance of supervising a factory or handling the other operations of a company, considering that he has better knowledge and expertise as compared to the others, who do not hold an MBA degree from IGNOU. Depending on what type of organization the individual is working for, he may be responsible for a few activities at the initial stages of joining the job. Later on, they would grow to work in more areas including the global sourcing of materials, and the like.

Career options after an MBA

Managers with an MBA from IGNOU can pursue careers in service organizations such as transportation, banking, insurance, and government as well as firms that manufacture goods for both the industries as well as for consumers. The other career options available for management post-graduates from IGNOU include forecasting, purchasing, inventory management and control, warehouse management, process methods and planning, quality management, operations scheduling and control, and production planning in variegated industries such as manufacturing, banking, and retailing. The other career opportunities that are available for management post-graduates from IGNOU include working with management consulting firms as well as for the development of computer systems for scheduling and planning. There is also a lot of scope for management post-graduates from IGNOU such as working in the insurance sector, the transportation sector, and the like.